RailPro Classic

Classic Aluminum Railing

The RailPro Classic Aluminum Railing is the perfect substitute for wrought iron railing.

The RailPro Classic Aluminum Railing was developed at the request of luxury home builders that sought a replacement for wrought iron. Wrought iron invariably started to rust during the homebuilders warranty period. As a result, builders had many expensive warranty claims to not only repaint the wrought iron, but also to repair the rust-stained stucco.

RailPro Classic Aluminum Railing provides the elegance of old world wrought iron without the rust. We build the rail from aluminum with a powder coated finish and install it with only stainless steel fasteners. Aluminum rails and stainless steel fasteners cannot rust. Since switching to RailPro Classic Aluminum Railings, not one of our home builders has had a warranty claim.

The RailPro Classic Aluminum Railing uses our colonial top rail, and we can provide many of the elements you see in a wrought iron rail product. We use our custom flat black to match the look of wrought iron. Collars, scrolls, twisted pickets, belly pickets, rings, and many other ornamental rail elements allow you to achieve your desired railing style.