Bolt on Balconies

Bolt on Balconies

These are very popular often used with a double french door arrangement or with a slider. It can either be a very simple “doorguard” railing across the opening or a balcony. We define balcony as something that has a floor.

No Deck? No Problem

RailPro can design and install bolt on balconies that range from a simple doorguard (consisting of a guardrail across a door) to a full walkout balcony. The major benefit of these balconies is eliminating the need to build a cantilevered structure on your house that typically requires waterproofing and future maintenance. Our aluminum balconies are light weight, will not rust, and never require painting; they are virtually maintenance free.

These balconies can utilize any of our rail styles and can be rectangular or radial. You design it, and we turn it into reality.

Juliet Style Balcony

To request a balcony quote you must click below and forward the footprint dimensions.

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These are typically small balconies (max of 18″ deep), which are used in front of a French door for setting potted plants. It is commonly a decorative item on the face of your home these balconies provide an ornate element to the front elevation of your home.

Typically these are 1 piece fully welded aluminum construction with a powder coat finish.

All Juliet balconies are one of a kind custom built for you. There are no stock / standard balconies. When requesting a quote, you will need to include a sketch of the “footprint” of the balcony. Width, depth and shape info is needed. The floor of the these balconies are typically 1/4″ x 3″ aluminum slat.

Full Balcony

As these are full walk-out structural balconies. They will require additional support that could be support arms under the balcony, tie back rods along the sides of the balcony, or corner columns that go to the ground.

The construction is an aluminum frame with water tight aluminum decking. Support columns or knee braces are aluminum. Tie rods are stainless steel. Structural blades if needed are powder coated steel.

Please note that this type of balcony usually requires engineering and in most cases not suitable for remodel construction unless you have the ability to alter the framing as needed for a safe installation or you have the ability to use support columns.