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Cable rail presents very little obstruction to your view and is perfect if you want to feel the breeze. Our cable rail is completely rust free and void of all visible turnbuckles or any other cable hardware; it’s the perfect exterior railing for any view.

Most of the cable rail that you see installed out there has been a cobbled together system of cable hardware from a rigging supply house or boat hardware supply store. This hardware is adapted to existing or custom framework supplied by a third party. We are quite sure much of it is not code compliant.

RailPro has developed a rail system specifically for cable railing. It is comprised of an aluminum framework and stainless steel cable and fittings designed as a complete system to meet today’s cable rail code requirements. The fittings we use were specifically designed for cable rail by Ultra-Tec and they fabricate a number of custom fittings for the RailPro cable rail system.

Our cable rail system has only 4 components visible to your eye, the top rail, line and termination posts and 1/8″ multistrand stainless steel cable. Because of the cable rail system’s sleek and contemporary style, our cable rail has often been used for interior applications as well.

Cable railing is not just for a contemporary style home. Cable rails work well with many different styles of architecture that might surprise you. Check out some of our Craftsman style homes with cable rail in our photo album.

Cable Rail Framework

Termination Post – The framework will consist of termination posts which are 1 1/2″ x 3″. These terminate the ends of a cable run and are predrilled to house the cable tension fittings.

Line Posts – In between the termination posts are line posts which are 1 5/8″ square. The posts are predrilled for the cable and the holes have a grommet installed to prevent “chatter” in the wind and rubbing of the cable in the hole.

Top Rail – The final component is the top rail. Standard Profile styles are shown below. Wide profile and Prep for Wood Top Rail is optional at an added cost.

Top Rail Styles

This drawing shows our top rail styles. The standard and most popular style is our Contemporary Square top rail. Any of the other styles except the colonial can be used with the cable rail system at an additional cost. Please be aware that the wide profiles do not meet handrail requirements for stairs.

Wood Top Rail

RailPro does not provide a wood top rail and does not recommend installing a rail with just a wood top. The cable applies high tension on the top rail connection and over time the wood will have issues. We can prep your rail for a wood cap by providing an aluminum U Channel that will fit over the posts and take all the tension from the cables. You can then install a wood cap of your choice on the U Channel.