Fencing & Gates

Fencing & Gates

RailPro provides and installs aluminum fencing for both residential and multifamily applications. More commonly we install pool fences and are well versed in the Department of Health codes for pool applications.

Security with Style

RailPro also provides fencing for your pool or yard. All our fencing is aluminum with a powder-coat finish, so rust will never be an issue. We can provide a fully custom fence to meet your specific architectural desires or a more economical standard fence. In either case, our attention to detail during the installation process is what sets us apart from others or the DIY kits you can purchase in the warehouse hardware stores.


Our standard fence is the Echelon and Echelon Plus linse from Ameristar. More detail on this line can be found at www.ameristarfence.com. This aluminum fence is very well constructed and can be adapted to most sloped grade conditions. It’s the most popular and economical option for outdoor fencing.

Custom Fencing

If your application requires something more ornate or specialized, we can design and build fencing to fit your project. We have built fencing with 2” picket spacing that is sometimes required for pool fencing by local codes. Whether it’s a glass wall to preserve you view or a custom design to match the architecture of your project, we can build it for you.

Personal Gates

We are well versed in the pool code requirements for gates and can build a gate in any style to meet codes. In addition, you benefit from our experience, as we have learned what works and what doesn’t when considering the life of the gate. Landscape gates can be as simple or complex as you desire. Let us help you turn your visions into reality.

Driveway Gates

We can provide a driveway gate as part of your fence project or as a stand-alone design. Choose from a basic design or create something from scratch, and we can build it for you. Based on your needs, we can provide a sliding gate, a single or double swing gate.


We no long provide any of the operators or control devices. We can work with your gate contractor to prep the gate for the operator selected. One benefit our our aluminum gates is that the weight to the same size steel gate is less than half thus you can usual size down to a less expensive operator and the strain on the equipment over the years is less.

With an all aluminum construction you’ll also avoid all the rust commonly seen at the hinges of a steel gate.