Picket Rail

Picket Rail

Picket railing is the most common style of railing. A basic picket rail typically consists of a top rail and a bottom rail, with vertical pickets and a post approximately every 6 feet. At RailPro, we offer everything from generic to enhanced custom picket rail styles, in order to deliver the design look you are seeking for your deck railing. To suit your needs, you may customize any of the following elements of your picket rail:

Rail Styles

The standard picket rail has a top rail and bottom rail and full height vertical pickets.  It has the contemporary square top rail which is a low 2″ profile and a very clean look.  A popular and economical upgrade is to add a midrail. This provides a more custom look than the big box standard style.

Top Rail Style

Contemporary Square is our standard style and is the most popular. It has a low 2″ profile and a very clean look. Additionally, there are many other picket rail styles to choose from such as a low or wide profile rails or a custom profile like the colonial railing. For those that desire a wood cap, while RailPro does not provide the wood, we can set our rails to accept a wood cap by others.

Rail Pickets

The standard rail picket is 5/8″ square. You can choose to replace any or all the pickets with a large variety of styles. Some of the most popular styles are:

Wide Slate Picket Rail – often chosen to achieve the look of the wood 1 1/2″ picket
Belly Picket Rail – this has a bow in the pickets from slight to extreme
Twisted Picket Rail – full twist or partial in the pickets
Scroll Picket Rail – adds a bit of flair to your pickets at a low cost

Railing Posts

If you are interested in alternatives to the standard rail post, we have many different sizes and styles of posts. More information can also be found on the newel post product page.

Railing Ornaments

Ornaments such as collars, scrolls, or midrails can be added to enhance the look of your rail.